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Watch Repair & Restoration
Restore and repair your old vintage watches today at Gold Store Palm Springs.
It marks the passing of days, months, and years. It may be gifted in honor of a special life occasion or passed down from generation to generation. Whether worn on a wrist or worn inside a pocket, a watch is a delicate object requiring care and attention. To preserve your watch's beauty and functionality, you want to have it professionally serviced. Discover the process of professional watch repair for new and vintage watches.

Stone Setting & Remounting
Professional jewelry services at Gold Store Palm Springs
If you're interested in purchasing a new or custom piece of jewelry, it helps to learn about processes like stone setting and remounting. Knowing your unique needs can also help you determine if a service like this is most suitable for you. Learn more about stone setting and remounting, why you might need it for your jewelry, and the various stone settings available.

Custom Jewelry Design

Custom design always begins with a great new idea. Our Design team will help you bring to life that special piece through computer generated renderings. Not sure where to begin? We have many samples available in-store for inspiration!
Wax Modeling
A wax mold is sculpted replicating your design concept. This gives you an opportunity to make any changes before the goldsmith begins casting.
Your chosen design is cast, precious gemstones are set securely, and the new creation is polished to perfection!
Can you help me redesign my old or heirloom piece of jewelry?
We love these kinds of projects! Maybe you have a piece of jewelry you just don’t think is your style anymore, we can help you redesign. Maybe you were handed down a piece of heirloom jewelry that just needs a little update, we’re hear to help you add to its story!
How long does a custom jewelry project take?
Times very depending on a few factors including complexity of design and the number of revisions. The process generally takes between 3-5 weeks from beginning to end. Some custom projects may be completed faster if the client requires and can be addressed on an individual basis.

Custom Engagement Rings

Create a unique, timeless symbol that will remind you both of your unique love story for years to come.
Proposing for marriage is an exciting time, and shopping for an engagement ring that reflects the love you and your partner share should be fun, too. So when you custom design an engagement ring, you create a unique, timeless symbol that will remind you both of your unique love story for years to come.
Why Choose a Custom Engagement Ring?
When you choose to design a custom engagement ring, you can create a vision of something truly unique and personal to you and your significant other. The design process of creating a custom ring can give you and your new fiancé the opportunity to share ideas, find styles and elements that you both like, and ultimately design a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personalities.

Custom designs also afford the opportunity to combine different elements that you and your love find appealing. For instance, mix elements like elaborate filigree work with a single diamond or a halo setting with a unique color of diamond or another gemstone, like sapphire. You can use different precious metals for your engagement ring, too, like platinum or palladium. There's no limit to what you can design with our available selection of styles, colors, and gemstones.
You can design your engagement ring to fit within a budget, too. When you consult with our jewelry professionals, we'll help you outline your budget and discuss different custom elements that stay within your price range. We can help you develop a unique piece from scratch, or we can build off of your own inspirations and other trending designs to help you create a ring that your significant other will fall in love with.

Ring Resizing
If your ring is too snug or too loose, get it resized at Gold Store Palm Springs 

You might need to resize a ring for a variety of reasons. The initial fit might be too snug or too loose, or you might lose or gain weight leading to your ring no longer fitting correctly. Whatever the reason, it's best to have your ring resized professionally by a jeweler to ensure a proper fit and seamless design. 
Why Should You Resize Your Rings?
Rings that are too loose are in danger of slipping off of your finger easily and getting lost. Rings that are too small often can't be worn at all, or can't be worn on your preferred finger. Ring resizing is a simple, commonly executed procedure that can increase a ring up to two sizes and decrease a ring size as much as needed to fit correctly. 
How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring?
The time needed to resize a ring depends on a variety of factors. The turn around time when you drop your ring off for repairs or the ring sizing adjustments can take one to two weeks. 
Can You Resize Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands?
Jewelers can resize most engagement rings and wedding bands. These types of rings are the most common for jewelers to resize, so most jewelers are very familiar with and capable of resizing these types of rings. A popular addition to the resizing process is soldering engagement rings and wedding bands together to create one connected ring rather than two separate rings. Ensuring the two rings are the same size is vital when soldering engagement rings and wedding bands together.
What's the Difference Between Making a Ring Larger or Smaller? 
Decreasing a ring's size is often easier than increasing its size. Usually, depending on the design, the jeweler will cut out part of the ring called the shank, which goes around the bottom of your finger. From there, the jeweler connects the two ends and solders them together. They finish the resizing by cleaning and polishing the ring so that there's no evidence of resizing. 
Making a ring larger is a bit more complicated. In most cases, the jeweler will cut the shank of the ring and add a small piece of matching metal to increase the ring's size. The jeweler solders the pieces together and finishes the ring with a clean and polish, so it looks like it was originally that size. 
Sometimes, particularly if the ring only needs to be slightly larger, the jeweler will stretch the original material to increase the size. Since this can impact the integrity of the ring, many jewelers choose to add new material to enlarge a ring rather than stretching. 
What Materials Can You Resize? Some materials are easier for jewelers to resize than others. Yellow gold, sterling silver, and white gold are all relatively easy to work with, though white gold requires the additional step of rhodium plating to obtain the white color. Rose gold is very delicate and temperamental and does not hold up well to resizing, as it can easily crack. 
Some jewelers choose not to work with platinum and titanium, as these metals have high melting points that require their own unique tools for resizing. Jewelers cannot resize tungsten because of the hardness of the metal — it shatters rather than bending or stretching. 
What Types of Rings Cannot Be Resized? In addition to the type of metal, jewelers can't resize certain ring designs. Rings with diamonds or other gemstones encircling the whole band, known as eternity rings or eternity bands, are a prime example of rings that shouldn't or can't be resized. With no metal shank to work with, the process would involve removing and resetting stones, which is a highly expensive and complicated process. 
Some rings use a unique tension design setting in which the stone is held in place by tension from the band rather than a traditional prong setting. Resizing this ring style could result in the loss of integrity in the setting and of the stone falling out of the ring. For this reason, jewelers do not recommend resetting rings with tension settings.
How Much Does Ring Resizing Cost? Costs can vary for ring resizing depending on several factors:
The ring's style and complexity.The band's thickness.Whether the ring needs additional materials to expand the size.The jeweler's general starting costs for resizing.The ring's material and ease or difficulty of resizing.A simple decrease in size on a yellow gold band could cost as little as $76, while a complicated enlargement on a platinum ring could cost several hundred. It's best to get an estimate before starting the resizing process, so you know roughly how much it'll cost. 
How Do I Know My Ring Size? If you want to know your own ring size, it's easy enough to go to a jeweler and use a ring sizer to determine your correct ring size. If you need to know your partner's ring size, you can find it out in several ways. The most direct is to ask your partner what size ring they wear. This method is best if your partner knows you're getting their ring resized. 
If you want to keep the ring a surprise, you might consider asking your partner's friends if they know your partner's ring size. You could also borrow one of your partner's rings and take it to a jeweler or make a tracing and take that to the jeweler to determine the correct ring size. 
Resizing a ring is a relatively straightforward and cost-effective way to keep a ring in use. Keep in mind that not all rings can or should be resized because of their design or materials. Consult the experts at
Gold Store Palm Springs for help in determining the best way to resize a valued ring and for estimates for the work. 
Do you have old jewelry that you don't wear anymore? Bring it into Gold Store Palm Springs . and we'll pay you in cash!!
Gold and diamonds make beautiful jewelry and thoughtful gifts. They're also excellent investments. These substances will keep their value even after the jewelry they're part of goes out of style. Many rings, necklaces, cufflinks, earrings, watches, and other objects can increase in value and become family heirlooms. If you have some of these pieces and you don't feel like wearing them, you can make some additional money by selling your gold and diamonds. Here's some information about what jewelers look for when buying diamonds and gold and what you should do to get the best prices for your items.
he 4C's
People determine the value of a diamond based on the four C's: carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Carats got their name because one carat is the weight of a carob seed. Since larger gems are rarer, the prices of diamonds increase sharply with carat weight. You'll get a much better price for a 2.0-carat diamond than you would for a 1.9-carat stone with the same cut and quality.
When diamonds are cut skillfully, they appear larger than their carat weight. They're also more sparkly and beautiful. If a large diamond doesn't have a good cut, it could look less attractive and be less valuable than a smaller gem with a better cut. The brilliant round cut is most expensive because more of the rough diamond has to be discarded during cutting. It's also one of the most attractive, popular shapes.
Gemologists grade clarity on a scale from flawless or FL to heavily included or I3. The diamonds that are closer to the bottom of the scale look cloudy and are less reflective than diamonds with more clarity. Many diamonds with microscopic flaws look perfect to the naked eye, but they're worth less than gems that are closer to the top of the scale.
The colors of diamonds are also graded on a scale that goes from D to Z. The most valuable diamonds have a D grade, and they're completely colorless. However, diamonds come in a variety of colors. A diamond with a K grade would have a yellow color, and a Z-grade diamond would be brown.
You can also find green, blue, pink, purple, and many other colors. Red diamonds are the rarest, and F- or G-grade gems look almost identical to D-grade stones.
Gold Store Palm Sprins can help you find out exactly how much your diamonds are worth. We'll also give you a generous price for your jewelry.
Types of Gold
The purity of gold is measured in karats, and this term comes from the same word as carats, the weight unit for diamonds. Pure gold is 24 karats, and it's very soft. It's easy for jewelers to manipulate, but it can also get scratches and other damage easily.
A piece of 12-karat gold jewelry is made from half gold and half other metal such as copper or zinc. It's less costly and more durable than pure gold. However, people can't call jewelry with a purity level below 10 karats gold in the United States. To find out the percent purity of a piece of gold jewelry, you can divide the karat value by 24 and then multiply by 100. For example, 18-karat gold would be 75% pure.
The value of gold depends on the purity and which metals it contains besides gold. However, two 18-carat gold rings with similar sizes will also have similar values, even if the metal composition is different.
Gold Colors
Pure gold is always the bright, metallic color that's named after it, but people can make gold in a variety of colors by adding different metals. Rose gold is a beautiful pink color with a very romantic look. It's mixed with copper, and adding enough of this metal to gold will create a red or green color. Since copper is a hard metal, it's the most durable color of gold available. However, some people could be allergic to it.
White gold contains manganese, nickel, palladium, or zinc, and it's often coated with rhodium to prevent scratches and give it an especially shiny look. Blue or purple gold has aluminum, gallium, indium, or a combination of all three. These colors are more brittle than other gold alloys, and they could shatter or break if you drop them on a hard floor. Black gold made with chromium or cobalt is available as well. Jewelry makers can create the same color with very high temperatures, chemical treatments, or lasers than change the structure of the metal's surface on a microscopic level.
Keeping Track of Gold Prices
Gold is always valuable, but the price of this commodity fluctuates. Since gold is more reliable in a crisis than paper money that could lose its value, the price of gold usually goes up when the economy is slow. By selling your gold jewelry when other people are buying gold, you can make a healthy profit. You can then use that money to make sure that you and your family members stay comfortable until the economy recovers. If you're thinking of selling your gold jewelry, you should keep track of the price of gold.
Getting an Appraisal
Gemological Institute of America is a nonprofit organization that gives information about the quality and authenticity of gems to customers and merchants. A diamond with a certificate from the GIA or a certified appraiser will be worth more than a similar stone with no paperwork.
Gold Store Palm Springs to determine how much your jewelry is worth. We're the oldest continuously open jewelry store in the area, and we've had relationships with many of our customers for decades. We use sophisticated tests such as electronic testers, acid tests, or scratch tests. We also consider the craftsmanship of your jewelry and whether or not it's an antique, as well as the composition of the metal and the stone. Even if you don't plan to sell them right away, knowing the values of your diamonds and your gold jewelry is important for insurance purposes.
Every minute, the price of gold changes, and within the last few years, the price of gold risen astronomically compared to historical data. For years, gold held a steady price per ounce around $400, but today, it's well over $1,000 per ounce!
The chart below reflects the live price of gold at this very minute.